Our fleet consists of 56 modern aircraft with an average age of 11 years that meets International safety standards that operates to transport our passengers and cargo. 

  • A330 -202

    Capacity : 263

    Number : 8

  • B737-800

    Capacity : 162/148

    Number : 25

  • B737-700


    Number : 2

  • B737-600

    Capacity : 101

    Number : 5

  • ATR.72-212 A


    Number : 15

  • Hercule L 100-30

    Capacity : 20 tons 

    Number : 1

Our fleet will soon be reinforced by the acquisition of new aircrafts in order to offer more availability to our customers, to develop long-haul and African network, HADJ & OMRA programs and energize our cargo activity.

Safety and Comfort

You will find on all our aircraft details on safety information card located in the pocket in front of every seat. Also, please pay attention to the safety demonstration on board.

Enjoy the comfort of the new ergonomic seats that offer more space. You will have a comfort kit (Blanket, Pillow, headset, toilet bag...) made available to you on our long-haul flights.