Travel Documents

Passeport-250-x-179Top avoid any inconvenience during your trip; make sure you bring necessary documents required by the applicable laws of departure, arrival and transit countries

Travel Documents:




  • A valid biometric passport for international flights or a national identity card for domestic.
  • A valid ticket. (A return ticket if required by the host country).
  • An entry visa, if required by the host country, or transit visa if required by the country of connection.
  • A certificate of residence in the country of destination for passengers with a one-way ticket.  
  • A parental authorization for passengers under 18 travelling alone or with relatives other than the father or legal guardian.
  • Your tagged luggage (name, address, phone).
  • A vaccination certificate if required.
  • A travel insurance to the host country if required.           

Other documents may be required by the authorities of departure, destination or transit countries, the passenger is solely responsible for obtaining these documents.