Member advantages

Member advantages :

In recognition of your loyalty, Air Algérie makes available to you his loyalty program which is named Air Algérie Plus. 

Each flight with Air Algérie will allow you to earn Miles hence you can exchange it against rewards (Tickets, upgrading, excess baggage).

To avail all these advantages, enrol yourself in our program at this address and become a member of Air Algérie plus.
The program Air Algérie plus offers you 03 tiers of cards: Djurdjura, Chélia and Tahat.

As a new member, you will hold a Djurdjura card which is considered as the first tier of our program. The more you travel with our company will help you to earn qualifying miles and so that the higher your membership tier in Air Algérie plus .To know more about it consult our section Up levels.

Find out the advantages of each level by clicking on the following sections: Djurdjura card, Chélia cardTahat card.

For persons aged between 02 and 18 years old, Air Algérie plus proposes them a card named card.