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Special services

We pay special attention to passengers requiring special assistance and strive to guarantee optimal conditions of comfort and safety throughout the trip. 

Download Information document regarding transportation of passengers with reduced mobility

Download Information document regarding “transportation of passengers with reduced mobility” in Spanish 

You can address your special requests to AIR ALGERIE contact center by :

Email : [email protected]


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Download Information document regarding transportation of passengers with reduced mobility

Download Information document regarding “transportation of passengers with reduced mobility” in Spanish 

Passengers requiring a special assistance must inform the agency at the time of the booking or no later than two 2 days before the expected date for the flight and must arrive at the airport at the opening of the check-in, to enable the company to ensure assistance from the departure airport, to their installation on board until the arrival to the destination airport. The special assistance is about stretchers, ambulances, wheelchairs, etc.

The number of wheelchairs is limited to 1 for ATR aircraft and 4 for a larger planes, Passenger’s personal wheelchair, crutches, canes and other prosthetic devices that can help the passenger to move are transported for free. Special bags

Passengers with reduced mobility are classified according to the consequence of the disability inducing a specific level of assistance:

* Passenger ho can go up and down stairs, move to/from their seat on board, but who needs a wheelchair to travel to/from the aircraft (WCHR wheelchair);
* Passenger unable to go up or down stairs, but able to move to/from their seat on board. He needs a wheelchair to travel to/from the aircraft and must be carried up the stairs (WCHS wheelchair);
* Passenger with no mobility. He needs a wheelchair to get to/from the plane. It must be carried up the stairs and to/from its seat on board (WCHC wheelchair); Download the Form

* Passengers who can get on and off the bridge and move in the cabin on his own, but require a wheelchair to move to and from the aircraft. The passenger who cannot travel on a seat has the right to be transported on a stretcher, subject to: *Meeting travel conditions providing a medical clearance attesting their ability to travel. * Being accompanied by a doctor, a qualified nurse or a person able to provide him necessary care during the travel. Stretchers are subject to the conditions of sale, of carriage and a particular baggage allowance, please contact an Air Algérie agency or call center for details.


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It is imperative to present a paternal authorization at the departure from Algeria.


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Are considered as “unaccompanied minors”, minors over the age of 5 and under the age of 12 years on their date of transportation, not suffering from any physical or mental handicap, and who are not accompanied during their journey, by a person exercising parental power (father, mother, or legal guardian). Unaccompanied minors can be accepted for transport up to 15 years old at the request of parents.

Minor must carry the following documents:

  • A full fare ticket,
  • A valid individual biometric passport for international flights or a national identity card for the domestic flights,
  • A valid visa if necessary
  • A parental authorization,
  • A certificate of vaccination if necessary,
  • A copy of a discharge of responsibility declaration form completed and signed,
  • UM form (Unaccompanied Minor) that indicate the names, addresses and phone numbers of the person accompanying the UM at the departure and those waiting for them on the arrival, (download the form)
  • The UM kit and the UM form provided by the company.

At the check-in, the child is cared for by the company staff in both terminals of departure and arrival and all throughout its journey from the leave of his legal guardian, through the control points (police formalities, customs, health, baggage claim), in the boarding lounge, on the arrival, and until the arrival of the person charged to collect them.

If the person responsible for collecting the child does not present at the airport and remains unreachable, the company will repatriate the child on the next return flight.

It is recommended for the parents to stay at the airport at least 30 minutes after the take-off of the plane.

A limited number of unaccompanied minors is accepted on board.

Children under 4 years old are allowed to travel (alone) only when accompanied by a stewardess to care for them all along the route (ongoing and return flights). The ground staff serves only as an intermediary between the parents and the airline crew member.The stewardess can convey this category of children provided that they are older than three (3) months and expected at least four days before departure, only one


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Pregnant women are accepted until the seventh month of pregnancy without any formalities. However, the passenger in the 7 to 9 months of pregnancy should provide a medical certificate attesting her ability to travel, specifying the stage of pregnancy, health status and certifying the absence of any risk of premature delivery due to the altitude.


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Children are welcome on our flights. Is considered as a “baby”, any passenger under 2 years. They must be accompanied by parents or by a self-reliant passenger of 18 years or older, unless it is the father, mother or legal guardian. In case the passenger is traveling with 2 babies, the presence of a second accompanying person under the same conditions as the first is mandatory unless the baby is at least 12 months old, in this case the baby will be installed on a baby seat provided by the parents and placed on the aircraft seat, then they will be considered as a “child”. Travel is permitted, but not recommended for infants within 7 days of birth. Babies must be in possession of a passenger ticket which shall include their name, family name and date of birth. The baggage allowance is 10 kg. The bassinets are made available for carrying babies on board. The number of Bassinets is limited depending on the plane type. Therefore, you should report at the time of booking that you are traveling with a baby.


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visually impaired passengers can travel permanently accompanied by air algerie staff to facilitate police, customs formalities, and the access to the boarding area and their installation on board, unless they require special assistance.

Visually impaired passenger accompanied by an assistance dog :

Dogs accompanying the visually impaired passenger are allowed in the cabin, provided they have required travel documents, and properly harnessed, muzzled and travel at the feet of their master.

It will be accepted for carriage in addition to the passenger’s baggage allowance WITHOUT TAXATION OR ADDITIONAL FEES.

Information concerning requirements of different countries and transport carriers regulations are included in the “IATA regulations for the transport of living animals”, please inquire at Air Algérie agencies or stations. (lien de redirection)


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The hearing-impaired passenger must provide a medical certificate attesting their disability, or a card issued by a competent organization or association. These passengers are given special assistance on the ground, from the check-in and until their boarding by the ground staff of Air Algerie, including police and customs formalities. A Dog accompanying the hearing-impaired passenger is accepted in the cabin, provided it has required travel documents, and is properly harnessed, muzzled and travel at the feet of their master. It will be accepted for the carriage in addition to the passenger’s baggage allowance WITHOUT TAXATION OR ADDITIONAL FEES


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A passenger suffering from a disease traveling on Air Algérie flights must present a medical clearance confirming their ability to travel safely without risks for himself and other passengers. This certificate issued by the treating doctor should specify the necessary cares and qualification of the accompanying person. The sick passenger must fill and sign a liability release form provided at the station, releasing the company from damage liability, Boarding may exceptionally be accepted if the reason for their trip is essential, such as surgery.


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Passengers suffering from a disease and requiring special care during the travel are accepted provided they are accompanied by someone who can assist them during the travel. Passengers traveling with injectable treatment, syringes or requiring oxygen must carry a prescription or a medical certificate from the attending doctor stating the nature of the treatment or the amount of oxygen and accompanied by a medical assistance during their travel.


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Any person in inebriated state or under drugs and medications influence, or presents a violent behavior that endanger or jeopardize safety of the flight or the passengers IS NOT ACCEPTED ON BOARD.


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Passengers with cerebral palsy are accepted on board under certain conditions related to their health and can travel without a safety assistant if they can understand and apply safety instructions. If these conditions are not met, they must be accompanied by an authorized person or a security assistant.

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