prohibited items

Articles interdits-250-x-179In compliance with the regulation in force related to dangerous goods carriage, Air Algerie is required to respect the prohibition of these items on board and inform its passengers. 


For safety reasons, Air Algérie informs its customers that it is strictly prohibited to transport Samsung “Galaxy Note 7” handsets and electronic cigarettes in the checked baggage. Their use is, also, prohibited on board of its aircrafts.

Furthermore, passengers carrying batteries inside the checked baggage must pack them properly and any device with this type of battery must be in off position and well packed.

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  • Prohibited items

    • For your safety and security, below listed items are prohibited on Air Algerie flights:  

      • Fire weapons,  
      • Bladed weapons,  
      • Explosives,ammunition, firecrackers, fireworks,  
      • Toxic and dangerous products,  
      • Radioactive materials
      • magnetized material,  
      • Flammable products,
      • Corrosive products,
      • Compressed gas  
      • Gas camping stoves
      • Diving oxygen tanks

  • Banned and restricted items onboard

    • Items or substances that risk to  explode, react dangerously, produce a flame or a dangerous heat emission or dangerous emission of toxic gases or vapors,corrosive or flammable under conditions normally encountered during airline transport should in no case be transported  on flights.

      • Cutting objects,
      • Oils,  
      • Matches and Lighters,
      • Liquids,
      • Sprays,  
      • Cosmetics,  
      • Glue,
      • Lotions,
      • Jams, spread and honey,  
      • Soft white cheese and spread cheese,

  • Banned items at security control

      • Products in open or opaque plastic bags,  
      • Piled up or stacked products,  
      • Containers of more than 100 ml (or 100g)
  • Exceptions

      • Babies’ food needed during the journey,  
      • Liquid medicines with their prescriptions.