Lost and damaged baggage

Bagage en deficit -250-x-179Air Algeria apologizes to its customers for any lost or damaged baggage.

Lost baggage

Before leaving the arrival airport, contact Air Algerie baggage service providing your baggage receipt that was provided to you on the check-in.

If within 02 days, your reported lost baggage has not been found, please send us a complete list of its content (a list per bag) and all the baggage identification tags required to handle your claim.

Missing items in your baggage

In case of missing items in your baggage, make sure to provide to the service in charge at the airport all required documents and complete appropriate form in order to facilitate the search operation.

Missing objects from your baggage must be declared within 03 days after the flight.

Air Algerie disclaims all responsibility for any loss or damage of valuables transported without prior declaration.

More information on the Conditions of Carriage