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Travel with pets

Your pet: dog, cat, bird or other domestic animal is accepted on Air Algérie flights in accordance with the country of destination or departure regulations.

Several countries may require documents such as veterinary certificates, import licensing, vaccination books, ID chips, tattoo and other requirements.

In order to find out regulation and procedures related to your pet transportation, whether it can travels with you in cabin, in the hold, or transported by cargo, you should declare it at the time of booking or contact our Call-center.

A limited number of animals is accepted on board, depending on the type of the aircraft.

Transport of animals in the hold is prohibited on flights from and to UK. Delivery must only be made by Freight.

Pets travelling in cabin 

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As per regulation conditions and unless otherwise specified, only small pets under 6 kg are accepted on board: cats, dogs, hamsters, small birds, turtles…Transportation must be in a closed container or case, waterproof and ventilated allowing the animal to breathe. It must respect the maximum size of hand baggage 115 cm (55 +40 +20 cm) and represents the only cabin baggage of the passenger. The animal must be kept in its container during the flight and placed at the passenger feet of his seat.

Pets travel in the hold

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If your pet cannot travel with you in the cabin, either because of a weight exceeding 6 kg or of the container size that exceeds 115 cm, your pet must be transported in the hold.

The container must be robust, with a watertight floor and must be provided with a solid closing device ventilated to allow your pet a comfortable journey without inconvenience.

Container or cage, should have the following information: the full name of the passenger, his address, weight of the animal.

Travel in the hold provides all necessary guarantees, animals are placed in a warm and pressurized compartments.”

Transport fees

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Animal transportation is not included in the paid ticket fare nor in the baggage allowance. You will have to pay an inclusive price at the airport or at Air Algerie agencies. The fare may vary according to your destination.

Price due to pets transportation, including food and cage is calculated on excess bag basis either by additional kilo/weight or piece according to your itinerary, excpet flights operating from and to China, price is then is as follows:

From/ ToPets traveling in Cabin
pet + cage < 06 Kg
Pets traveling in Hold
pet + cage < 23 Kg
Algeria – China15 000 DZD15 000 DZD
China – Algeria1 300 CNY1 300 CNY
China – Africa1 700 CNY / 78 000 MRO / 130 000 XOF1 700 CNY / 78 000 MRO / 130 000 XOF

Voir Franchise et excédent bagage

Regulation requirements

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  • Your dog or cat traveling to European Union countries or other must have and electronic identification chips, a specific passport other than vaccination books, provided and completed by a qualified veterinarian,
  • Requirements and conditions of pet acceptance are tighter in some countries such as UK. We recommend you to inquire with your destination country Embassy,
  • To be accepted for transportation your pet must have up-to-date vaccination records,
  • Ask about acceptance conditions and regulation in force in the country of destination,
  • In the case of connecting flights with another airline, the acceptance of your pet should be confirmed by your Air Algerie agency.