Houari Boumediene airport & lounges

Houari Boumediene Airport

hb_300x427The Civil International Airport of Algiers, connects the capital Algiers to the international network and to the other Algerian cities.

Inaugurated on July 5, 2006, Houari Boumediene airport is the largest in Algeria by its size and capacity estimated to 12 million passengers per year.

It is managed since November 2006 by the Société de Gestion des Services et Infrastructures Aéroportuaires SGSIA a subsidiary of EGSA Algiers in partnership with Aéroports de Paris (ADP).

The international airport of Algiers Houari Boumediene is mainly exploited by the flag carrier Air Algérie as a hub linking Algeria to several countries in Europe, Africa,Canada, China and the Middle East.

The airport includes two runways with a length of 3500 meters each and three terminals:

  • Terminal 1: dedicated to international flights. It has 14 air bridges (satellites). more than 6 million passengers use the airport annually,
  • The terminal 2 : is currently dedicated to domestic flights.
  • Terminal 3: dedicated to charter flights, Hadj and Omra,

The airport has other facilities such as:

- An honour pavilion, dedicated to the reception of VIP;

- A Cargo area;

- A landing area for helicopters;

- A hangar area for aircraft maintenance;

- An area of airport operations such as offices of Air Algerie and other airlines flying to Algeria.

Marhaba Service

You can contact our "Marhaba service" at the airport if you need special assistance for:

  • Unaccompanied children
  • pregnant women
  • Passengers travelling with a baby
  • Sick passengers
  • Passengers with reduced mobility
  • Deaf or visually impaired passengers
  • Passengers requiring extra seats
  • Passengers requiring care during the trip
  • Passengers on stretchers ... etc.