special baggage

Below listed items considered as baggage are accepted on Air Algerie flights:

Bicycles in appropriate packaging:

the Handlebar must be lengthwise turned – oriented along the frame, pedals and other prominent parts must be taken apart and tires pressure decreased.

Music instruments:

A music instrument weight must not exceed 23 Kg and the full size (length, height, width) must be up to 158 Cm. It must be put in a stiff suitcase. The airline accepts no responsibility for damages. Larger instruments can be taken on board to be carried on a seat booked in advance.

Sports equipment:

Must comply with the following

Length + height + width ≤ 158 cm  

Weight ≤ 23 Kg

Baby and child baggage

Baggage allowance for an infant under 2 years old is 10 Kg if traveling on an adult knees, in addition to a folding stroller or a basket. For an infant under 2 years old traveling on their own booked seat, the same baggage allowance for adults is applied.