cabin baggage

Bagage en Cabinee-300x427Air Algerie allows one free cabin bag of 10 Kg maximum weight (5 Kg for ATR aircrafts).

If you are carrying a laptop, a handbag or a camera, these items must be put inside your unique authorized cabin bag, whose size must not exceed 35 Cm height, 55 Cm width and 25 Cm thickness on all flights, except for flights operated in ATR (from 15 april 2017)  for which the dimensions must not exceed 30 Cm height, 40 Cm width and 20 Cm thickness.

The carried luggage should fit in the cabin stowage area.if your luggage exceeds the permitted size and weight, or if it is considered dangerous in any way, it will be carried as a checked luggage.

You are responsible for the personal effects and unchecked luggage that you carry with you in the cabin.



Your hand luggage must comply with the specified weight and size requirements for acceptance in the cabin, otherwise it will be forwarded for a transportation in the hold.


For safety reasons, Air Algérie informs its customers that it is strictly prohibited to transport Samsung “Galaxy Note 7” handsets and electronic cigarettes in the checked baggage. Their use is, also, prohibited on board of its aircrafts.

Furthermore, passengers carrying batteries inside the checked baggage must pack them properly and any device with this type of battery must be in off position and well packed.