Refund fees and deadlines :

Refund fees are applied depending on the payment card used at ticket purchase time, fees applies per ticket :

  • International payment cards : 10 euros or equivalent.
  • Domestic/Algerian CIB Payment Cards : 300 DZD for a ticket purchased on the domestic network, 600 DZD for international flights departing from Algeria.

Ticket refund depends on fare conditions will be processed within 30 days.

Tax refund :

Unused taxes and fees are refundable (taxes and fees chargeable for an actual boarding of the passenger), except fiscal stamps (DZ) for departure from Algeria.

  • Refund Request of taxes must be submitted online using refund forms or sent by email to helpdesk@airalgerie.dz, no refund fees will be charged.
  • For tickets purchased in an AIR ALGERIE agency, request refund must be submitted to this same agency and refund fees are charged. These fees will not exceed 20% of the refundable taxes amount for flights departing from France.

Contact to request a refund :