Refund fees and deadlines :

Refund fees are applied depending on the payment card used at ticket purchase time, fees applies per ticket :

  • International payment cards : 10 euros or equivalent.
  • Domestic/Algerian CIB Payment Cards : 300 DZD for a ticket purchased on the domestic network, 600 DZD for international flights departing from Algeria.

Ticket refund depends on fare conditions will be processed within 30 days.

Tax refund :

Unused taxes and fees are refundable (taxes and fees chargeable for an actual boarding of the passenger), except fiscal stamps (DZ) for departure from Algeria.

  • Refund Request of taxes should be submitted online using refund forms or sent by email to helpdesk@airalgerie.dz. Refund fees may be applied, depending on the country of purchase. (Example France: no refund fees will be charged.)
  • For tickets purchased in an AIR ALGERIE agency, request of taxes refund should be submitted to the same agency, and refund fees may be applied depending on the country of purchase (example France: these fees won’t exceed 20% of the refundable taxes).

Contact to request a refund :