Tahat card

Tahat card

Tahat card Your numerous travels on Air Algerie airlines allow you to reach 40 000 qualifying miles* or 32 qualifying flights** and offer you the opportunity of appreciating Tahat level prestige. 

* Bonus of 50 % for each flight.

* Booking guaranteed up to 72 hours before.

* Check-in at the first class.

* Priority waitlist at airport.

* Priority baggage handling

* 20kg an additional luggage allowance for destinations where the weight concept is applicable.

* An additional piece that the allowed weight must not exceed 23KG is offered from or to Beijing and Montreal.

* First class lounge access*** which is subject to availability depending on airports.

(*) Qualifying miles: all the miles obtained in a rolling period of 12 months except certain bonuses. 
(**) Qualifying flights: international flights effectuated in a rolling period of 12 months on certain classes.
(***) Except from Marseille.