At the airport

Enregistrement à l'aeroport-300x427Passengers traveling with Air Algerie are invited to check in at the airport at the opening of the check-in desks set at 3 hours before the flight departure on all our lines with the exception of long-haul flights where the opening of the check-in is scheduled 4 hours before the departure time.

The Time limit for check-in on Air Algerie flights is 60 minutes for the international flights and 45 minutes for the domestic flights.

In case of connecting flights, be sure to check in again at the next terminal for the continuation of your trip.

You must be present at the boarding gate no later than 15 minutes before the departure of your flight and one hour in the transit area for onward flights.

Time limit and check-in conditions apply to all stops served by Air Algerie.

Any time at the airport, you can refer to the information shown on airport screens or audio calls.