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Always aware of the human and social responsibility as an air carrier, Air Algérie renews every summer its promise to the Algerian community abroad, and makes honour bound to ensure that mission in good service conditions.

The traditional relationship that has been settled between the customer and the flag carrier is strengthened by an undeniable renewal. Indeed, Air Algérie has increased its stride in the development and optimization of its fleet, network, services and human resources.

The bet is not only to carry, nor only to welcome, but is to offer better carriage,  better services on board and elsewhere in the boarding areas and in the air.

Air Algérie,has always been focusing on security and safety issues, has also enhanced its competitive commercial and marketing position for being constantly attuned to the strengths of the international competition, but also and above all, to fully assume his mission as the first Algerian airline.

The same issues, the same challenges also prevail locally, in regional, where the increasing demand expresses much more engaging expectations.

Air Algérie today, is all of that. The future in action is at this price.

Chief Executive Officer

Mohamed Abdou BOUDERBALA