New measures

Extension of the validity of tiers 

Following the current health crisis linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, your Air Algerie plus program takes new measures which are:

  • Gold -Tahat and Silver -Chelia members will benefit from the extension of the validity of their tiers to 24 months instead of the 12 months, Therefore, our members will keep the same status throughout the validity period. Also that the qualification period during which the accumulation of tiers miles and tiers sectors will be extended to two years instead of one year.    


Renewal of card levels 

Now, it will be easier for you to maintain your card tier thanks to the offer granted by your Air Algerie Plus program:

  • To maintain Chelia level card: 15000 tier miles / or 10 tier sectors instead of 22000 / 13.
  • To maintain Tahat level card: 30 000 tier miles / or 26 tier sectors instead of 38000 / 29