Algerian payment cards

With E-payment, move only to travel

With the new e-payment service, purchase your Air Algerie ticket online with Algérie Poste card EDAHABIA or your Algerian interbank card CIB and do move only to travel.  

  • Algérie Poste Card EDAHABIA 
  • The Interbank Card CIB

Algérie Poste Card EDAHABIA is an electronic withdrawal and payment card with a secured transactions system EMV.

More detailed information about EDAHABIA and its use  are available  on the web site:

Availability of this solution 

This payment method  is available for domestic flights and for departures from Algeria. With EDAHABIA card and CIB, you can purchase  your ticket 5 hours before the flight departure.

The Interbank Card CIB is recognizable by the logo printed on the card. There is also the logo and the name of the bank that issued the card.

Before you start using your CIB card, make sure your card includes the E-payment service and you have a special password, this password is specific to online shopping and it is different from password you use for the withdrawal or proximity payment.

For more information on the CIB card, visit the website:

For further information on your CIB card , contact the Interbank call center  on  3020