Rewards free tickets

With your miles earned during your travels, fly with us on any destination you want and offer yourself reward free tickets. To make your friends or your family happy let them taking advantages from rewarks tickets.

Reward ticket can be: 

  • One way.
  • An Open-jaw ticket eg: Algiers-Paris / Lyon-Oran.
  • A return ticket eg: Algiers-Paris / Paris-Algiers.
 ZONE     Economy Business First
Zone A3200-9000
Zone B4800-13500
Zone C6500-18000
Zone D600012500-
Zone E810016000-
Zone F94001850024500
Zone G135002520038000
Zone H3100056000-
Zone I2500045500-  
Zone J3900070000-
Zone K4500080000-
Zone M4800090000-

Base miles for one-way trip


Redeem miles directly online at this address and have your reward ticket.