Excess baggage reward

Reduce your expenses by scheduling your excess baggage reward in advance. You can take up to 30KG on any destination * of your choice.

Excess baggage reward table:

ZONE05 KG10 KG20 KG30 KG
Zone A600100015002500
Zone B850150026003750
Zone C1100200030005000
Zone D1400260039005200
Zone E2500445065008900
Zone F2700450067509000
Zone G35006500980013000
Zone H8200148002220029600
Zone I490088501330017700
Zone J8500151502275030300


  • Now your excess baggage reward is available for the following markets applying the piece concept.
  • Valid for an additional piece not exceeding 23 Kg.
Montreal, Beijing and Dubai30000
Sixth freedom flight (From/to Africa)35000